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It's back!

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Comic #102

Tags:We're back Fallout New Begas I mean Vegas

Author's Comment

That's right! After several months we're back! Sorry about the long pause - but it's okay because we're back and better than ever! Look at that art! LOOK AT IT! Don't you just want to take off your pants and make out with that sexy mother fucker. Damn right you do.

Uploaded by Psyguy at 14:04 on 12 November


Guess what...

Gravatar Posted 18:00
Fri 12 November
by SupaDave

We're back!

After a nice long break, we're back in the saddle for a new reign of GG-guys goodness. Will there be explosions? Will Amber sing again? Will Space Dave finally finish his awesome space-opera?

Who knows! Tune in each week to find out!

Oh hi

Gravatar Posted 14:06
Fri 12 November
by Psyguy

*closes book* Oh hello, I didn't see you there. Come in! Come in! Ah, yes. Well, it looked like gg-guys was going to crash - but just at the last minute, captain David Smith of the U.S.S. Anal Intruder pulled hard on the throttle and flew us back into safety! *puffs pipe* AH! Those were good times. Oh? Didn't you know. That's how webcomics work. You see, Dave flies a gigantic metal airship and I shovel coal into a tiny fireplace all day long. Well, I guess it would of made more sense to have a big fireplace - never mind. The point is we're flying high and on auto-pilot. Good ol' Captain Dave needs his rest after nearly smashing into the sharp, jaged rocks below! HAW! Good show, I say! GOOD SHOW!