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Words with Friends

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Comic #103

Tags:words with friends 3:45 is too early for this tom-foolery temporary scott pilgrim hair

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Based on our continual "Words with Friends" game, although it's more like "yes! I played a word for 12 points let's see Psy top that! *look at phone* Psy played word for 22 points?! DAMMIT!"

Uploaded by SupaDave at 18:43 on 19 November



Gravatar Posted 23:36
Fri 26 November
by Psyguy

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Gravatar Posted 09:41
Mon 22 November
by Psyguy

9:34:39 AM Psy: So hey
9:34:44 AM Psy: How about that football team
9:35:11 AM Dave: that football team is amazing beyond all compare
9:35:21 AM Psy: that is awesome
9:35:24 AM Psy: my favorite player is
9:35:25 AM Dave: i wish my fan charactes were as aweomse as they are
9:35:28 AM Psy: Sampson
9:35:30 AM Psy: Rick
9:35:36 AM Psy: His last name is Rick
9:35:40 AM Psy: his first name is Sampson
9:35:43 AM Psy: and his middle name is Sue
9:35:49 AM Psy: Sampson Sue Rick
9:35:56 AM Psy: number 41
9:35:58 AM Dave: Sampsom Sue Rick, i believe i have his football card laminated in bronze
9:36:06 AM Psy: I do as well
9:36:08 AM Dave: its mounted on my butt
9:36:10 AM Psy: except I deep fat fried it
9:36:15 AM Psy: and put it next to a twinkie
9:36:19 AM Dave: oh how delightfully delicious
9:36:23 AM Psy: oh it is
9:36:33 AM Psy: when you turn the card at a thirty five degree angel
9:36:35 AM Psy: you can see
9:36:37 AM Psy: a dinosaur
9:36:47 AM Dave: holy crap that is so amazing
9:36:54 AM Psy: The Sampsonasurus
9:37:15 AM Dave: my card pretty cool, if you tilt the card at a 90 degree angle
9:37:18 AM Dave: its likes it isn't even there
9:37:25 AM Psy: oh shit
9:37:33 AM Psy: holy crap
9:37:36 AM Dave: unless the sun is like, above you
9:37:38 AM Psy: I can do that with this waffer
9:37:40 AM Dave: then an ant might die
9:37:43 AM Psy: wavefer?
9:37:44 AM Psy: woffer
9:37:48 AM Psy: snack
9:37:50 AM Dave: walfinator?
9:37:56 AM Psy: Sampson
9:37:59 AM Dave: Sue
9:37:59 AM Psy: fuck
9:38:05 AM Psy: what's my favorite guy's name again
9:38:09 AM Psy: Brotherhood
9:38:11 AM Dave: Sampson Sue Rick
9:38:15 AM Psy: Oh yeah
9:38:18 AM Dave: deep fried
9:38:20 AM Psy: good ol' Sampson
9:38:25 AM Psy: he'll never let me down
9:38:27 AM Psy: or lie to me
9:38:37 AM Psy: or look at other girl's butt's in the mall ON MY BIRTHDAY /sob
9:38:48 AM Dave: he's so dreamy
9:38:52 AM Psy: butts is also possessive
9:38:55 AM Psy: just incase
9:39:12 AM Dave: naturally
9:40:07 AM Dave: think its about time i went to bread and dreamed about that lovely sampson sue rick
9:40:15 AM Dave: i hope he'll be on a pony
9:40:16 AM Psy: Oh okay
9:40:18 AM Psy: He will
9:40:23 AM Psy: and he will fart rainbows
9:40:31 AM Dave: /sparkle eyes
9:40:36 AM Psy: yes indeedy doo
9:40:37 AM Dave: oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy